Photo: Florence Bellanastasia

Photo: Florence Bellanastasia

I'm Alec Yu. My last name is an easy target for puns and my stomping grounds are in Vancouver, Canada. Streetwear, basketball, and reading take up my time when my mind's not thinking about school or work.

My current passion project is exploring and writing about personal finance as a 20-year-old kid. At the same time, I'm trying to learn how to speak French and (finally) Cantonese.

I'm entering my fourth year as a business student at Queen's University, with an interest in marketing strategy. I'll be interning at Bell Canada this summer in Toronto as a Customer Experience Consultant!

Last summer, I'm interned at the Rick Hansen Foundation as a Resource Development Assistant, exploring biz dev from the non-profit perspective. I was previously a summer student at Tangerine, and had a lot of fun talking to strangers and handing out free money.

Catch me on Twitter.