Photo: Florence Bellanastasia

Photo: Florence Bellanastasia

I'm Alec Yu. My last name is an easy target for puns and I live in Vancouver, BC. I'm a third-year commerce student at Queen's University specializing in marketing strategy.

I like to blog about startups, news, and my experiences as a student. My post on Airbnb's proposed legalization in Vancouver was featured in Hostfully's publication!

I'll be interning at Bell Canada this summer in Toronto as a Customer Experience Consultant!

Last summer, I'm interned at the Rick Hansen Foundation as a Resource Development Assistant, exploring the world of biz dev from the non-profit perspective. I was previously a summer student at Tangerine, and had a lot of fun talking to strangers and handing out free money.

Currently traveling around Europe from January - April, on an academic exchange semester. You can find me on Twitter!